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Johnny G

Johnny G is a singer-songwriter who will capture your heart and soul through his acoustic storytelling and balladry. "Melodies be flowing through this soul of mine" are not only powerful lyrics from his debut single, "Goodness," but can also be used to describe all 10 tracks of debut album, "Riding the Wave." "Riding The Wave" is a soulful blend of acoustic melodies. His laid back vibes can be felt throughout the album. His songs are of inspirations sparked by relationships, travel and overall goodness in life. One will surely enjoy riding the wave through the journey of the album.

 Johnny G played keyboard in local Milwaukee band “Jake Paul Band” for about a 4 year span (2010-2014). When the band stopped playing live he began the journey of focusing on the guitar and writing his own music which eventually led to playing a few live shows in the Los Angeles, CA area. The energy from traveling and the taste of solo shows help fuel the desire to write songs and produce his debut album “Riding the Wave”. In 2019 Johnny G has spent the year traveling the country playing live shows promoting his music. 

His sophomore album is scheduled for release early 2020. 









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Upcoming Shows

  • December 15, 2019
    The Black Dog Arts Cafe, Snoqualmie, WA