Johnny G -

Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter Johnny G will capture your heart and soul through his acoustic storytelling and balladry. His songs are of inspirations sparked by love, travel and overall goodness in life. Johnny has built a reputation traveling to cities across the US playing music in cafes and bars. Always an avid music fan, Johnny has drawn inspiration from the likes of John Prine, Jerry Garcia, Tom Petty and more.

In the music scene since 2010, Johnny has spent the last few years focusing on a solo career launching his debut album “Riding the Wave” in 2018, sophomore album “One Red Rose Serenade” and "Howling at the Moon" in 2020 and most recent release “My Kind of Vibe”. Johnny has performed in Sonoma wine country, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Miami and more. As he states in his music, “There’s so many roads, opened my eye back to love”.